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I haven't read all of the books in all of the series on this page, but I've at least downloaded and read the first book (or some part of it:-) I'm starting with series that have been around long enough to garner at least a hundred reviews. I'm not offering my own reviews of any of these books nor attempting to abstract them. The free book #1's are linked on Amazon where you can read plenty of reviews, and I also link the author's website.

I've moved the first book of my EarthCent Ambassador series to the Kindle Unlimited program. If you don't have KU or Prime, drop me an e-mail at and I'll send it to you as an Amazon gift.

Arseneault, Stephen

Stephen Arseneault has authored three science fiction series, all with a free book #1, so that and his last name give him first place in our list. AMP is an eight book series that features humanity fleeing for our lives from hostile aliens, starting with the free AMP Messenger. Lots and lots of weapons and fighting.

The author's website is

Harris, T. R. - The Human Chronicles Saga

The Human Chronicles Saga is one of the first new series I remember from Amazon, perhaps because of the cover. The series starts with the free Book One, The Fringe Worlds, and currently includes eight books. The later books are all free in Kindle Unlimited.

The author's website is

Haynes, Simon - Hal Spacejock Series

The Hal Spacejock series is up to eight books, and I remember what I read was pretty funny. The series namesake is the free Book One, Hal Spacejock.

The author's website is

Hicks, Michael - In Her Name (two trilogies), Season of the Harvest

I lost track of how many Hicks books I've read. I know finished the original In Her Name: Redemption trilogy, starting with the free Book One, Empire. The three trilogies have since been combined by Amazon into a nine book series.

The author's website is

Goodson, Simon - The Wanderer's Odyssey

Wanderer's Odyssey is a three book series, starting with the free Book One, Wanderer's Escape, which features a 16 year old hero. That may be why I don't recall it.

The author's website is

Lalonde, Randolph - Spinward Fringe Series

The Spinward Fringe series is up to nine books. It starts with the free Book 0, Origins - A Collected Trilogy. For some reason I seem to remember a different cover and title on the one I read, but I'm getting old:-)

The author's website is

Mason, E. R. - Fatal Boarding Series

E.R. Mason does something different with his Fatal Boarding series - he gives the first two books away free. They are Fatal Boarding and Deep Crossing.

The author's website is - couldn't find one!

M. T. McGuire

The four books (so far) of the K' Barthan Trilogy follow the adventures of the Pan of Hamgee: coward, an accidental hero of sorts. The first book of the series, "Few Are Chosen" is free. I read and and enjoyed several of these British style humorous novels.

Moon, Adam - Mech. Chronicles plus many more

The Mech Chronicles runs five books, but Moon has written so many more that I'm not going to list them. I know I read the free Book One - Zero Mech. A lot of his writing is in the horror vein.

The author's website is

Pax, M - The Backworlds

The Backworlds is a six book series anchored by its namesake title, the free Book One - The Backworlds. From the book description, "In the far future, humanity settles the stars, bioengineering its descendants to survive in a harsh universe."

The author's website is

Reher, Chris - The Targon Tales

There are at least seven books in the Targon Tales series, broken into two sets so far. The series starts with the free Book One, Sky Hunter. Next Chris started writing a new series around a character named Sethran, and that continuation has a free Book One, Quantum Tangle.

The author's website is

Robertson, Edward W. - The Breakers

The Breakers post-apocolyptic series runs seven books, starting with the namesake free Book One, Breakers. He also has a popular free book that's not part of a series, Titans.

The author's website is

Scott, Jasper - Dark Space

Young Adult science fiction of the galactic dystopian scale - "Humanity is Defeated." It has almost three thousand reviews on Amazon and has been a bestseller for years. Five book series, titled after the first book, the free Book One, Dark Space.

The author's website is

Smith, Mike - The Redemption Trilogy

Action style Sci Fi romance with a heavy accent on action. The series follows Commander Jonathan Radic as he saves everybody and everything, including himself - sort of. It's been one of the most popular Sci Fi series of its kind on Amazon for the last few years, and the free Book One, The Last Praetorian has over a thousand customer reviews for you to read if you prefer reviews to books.

The author's website is

Vasecik, Joe - The Star Wanderers

There are at least eight books in the Star Wanderers series that I can figure out. I remember reading the the free Part One, The Outworlder. You have to love the pull line about the guy wandering the stars in search of a home and ending up with a homeless girl:-)

The author's website is

Wehr, Dietmar - The Synchronicity War

The Synchronicity War is a four part series, another "salvation of humanity rests on one man's shoulders" style action adventure. The free Synchronicity War Part One on Amazon has over a thousand customer reviews so read about it there.

The author's website is

Whiteway, Mark - Lodestone Series

Whiteway does some interesting world-building in this fantasy/scifi series. It all begins with the free Book One, The Sea of Storms, which has one of my favorite Kindle covers.

The author's website is

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